The purpose of the Friends is to encourage and support the Hospital by the provision of equipment for the treatment and comfort of the patients and to support the staff.
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Friends of Malvern Community Hospital would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
Christmas Fair and Visit of Santa

Friends of Malvern Community Hospital have been busy again this Christmas. On Saturday 30th November 2019 we held our Christmas Fair, this is a joint fund raiser where the ‘Friends’ work together with the hospital staff. There were over 11 stalls with the Raffle, Tombola and Jewellery making the highest profits. We had 2 new stalls – Goats cheese and Christmas decorations both provided by the hospital staff. Overall, we made £1,024.85 and this will be split 50:50 with the hospital. Many thanks to all of you who donated items, the Raffle had over 35 prizes all gifted. We are also grateful to those who turned up on the morning to support us.
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Then on Wednesday 18th December 2019 the ‘Friends’ were out and about again, this time with Santa Claus visiting all the patients on the wards of the Community Hospital. Santa was very busy he spoke to every patient and left them with beautifully wrapped Christmas present. The patients were delighted, and the visit was a great success.

Multi Faith Room

Image of Multi Faith Room
The Worcestershire Community Hospitals have pooled resources and appointed a new Chaplain, Andy Green. Andy visits Malvern Community Hospital on a Thursday but if able is willing to attend at any time on request. The Quiet Room at Malvern has been made into a multi-faith area. (Click on the image above to see larger and also to see another image of the room.)

Portable Bladder Scanner

Friends of Malvern Community Hospital, a registered charity dedicated to purchasing equipment for the patients and staff at Malvern Community Hospital, have recently purchased a portable Bladder Scanner.
Portable Bladder Scanner
The Bladder Scanner was presented to Sally Quilley, the Women’s and Men’s Health and MSK Physiotherapist at Malvern Community Hospital by Julian I’Anson, Chairman of the ‘Friends.’ Sally thanked the Committee, “I am very pleased to accept the bladder scanner donated by the Friends of Malvern Community Hospital – thank you very much indeed.”
Presentation of Portable Bladder Scanner to Sally Quilley by Julian l'Anson, Chairman of the Friends
Ultrasound scanners can be used to estimate the volume of urine in a bladder non invasively and avoid unnecessary catheterisation. Some patients receiving physiotherapy at Malvern Community Hospital have continence problems, and part of the assessment is to check if the bladder is emptying properly. Previously this information was not available, and patients had to be referred elsewhere. Now, using the new portable scanner an assessment can be made during the first appointment at Malvern.

Equipment purchased by the Friends

The following is a list of equipment purchased by the Friends over about the last five years or so:
Equipment for ENT Clinic £23,100
Blood refrigerator £3,800
De-fibrilator £5,300
Exercise equipment (Physio) £4,500
Couches (Physio)  £29,800
Ultrasound Scanner £31,000
Slit lamp  £2,700
Transfusion pumps £3,600
Support frame (Physio) £1,000
Image Intensifier £60,000
CPM K1 Hip and Knee Machine (including trolley) £2,039
Three Resus Trollies (share of cost) £2,295

Hospital Leaflet

Click the button below to view the leaflet for the Friends of Malvern Community Hospital. It can also be downloaded and printed.

Donations and Membership

A membership form for printing is available here. Membership fees will need to be submitted by bank transfer. If you can make your donation by Gift Aid, the form is here and can be downloaded and printed and completed.
The membership secretaries reported at the latest Committee meeting that current membership is around 399, we are still receiving donations with some membership fees; year to date we have received over £1,000 by this route.

Contacting the Friends

Alan Stevens (Treasurer)
01684 892915
or by e-mail below.
Maureen Williams (Secretary)
01684 575937
Libby WInwood and Janet Brown (Membership Secretaries)